Glorious past. Fascinating future.

The Villa at Brenner 4

In 1925 its eclectic beauty made countless hearts skip a beat. Today, it’s about to take your breath away yet again. The legendary Villa at Brenner 4, one of the most significant historical properties in Tel Aviv, has finally been reborn. This elegant, spacious urban villa unites the glories of the past with the sophistication of contemporary Tel Aviv.

Eliyahu Baruch

Building Excellence Since 1954

The longstanding Jerusalem company, which has been setting down deep roots in this country since the 1950s, was founded by the late real estate developer and contractor Eliyahu Baruch. Step by step, decade by decade, this respected family company has established dozens of outstanding luxury projects, setting a never-before-seen quality standard thanks to its reliably precise, meticulous work. Today, Eliyahu Baruch’s work can be seen all the way from the old Jerusalem neighborhoods of Rehavia, Talbiya, Beit HaKerem, Arnona, and Talpiot, through the city of Modiin, to the heart of Tel Aviv.

Recent Projects

New construction, delicate preservation work, mixed-use, low-rise or high-rise neighborhoods, pastoral suburbs or urban city center locations – no matter the project type or location, every single one of the dozens undertaken by Eliyahu Baruch reflects the company’s reputation for quality, accuracy, and diligence. Many of these unique projects have made their mark on the urban landscape, with some even winning prestigious planning and design awards. The company is currently leading several luxury projects in prime locations within Israel’s most in-demand cities: Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.